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Alves Recycling Division

Since 2014, Alves Inc has run its own Construction Debris Recycling Division. This facility is not just for the benefit of Alves contracting divisions, but for everyone. Alves Inc diverts 97% of all material that comes over our scales. We also sell many of the materials that come into our facility.

Alves Inc is also a proud member of the Construction & Demolition Recycling Association. Click the link below to learn more.

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Construction, Demo & Inert Debris Facility
Construction Debris ($25 minimum dump) $160 /ton
Ex: Shingles, Sheetrock, Wodd, Metal (mixed), Hardie Board, Flooring, Fiberglass, Carpet, Glass, BAGGED Insulation.
Tile ($25 minimum dump) $100 /ton
Grow Soil (1 ton minimum) $160 /ton
Clean Dirt (1 ton minimum) $10 /ton
Mixed Dirt (1 ton minimum) $80 /ton
Pavement & Brick Free
Metal (separated) Free
We do not pay out for metals
Clean Concrete Free
Concrete with Rebar is NOT
Toilets & Sinks $5 /ea
Washers, Dryers, Hotwater Heaters $25 /ea
Engine Blocks $50 /ea
Lawn Mowers $25 /ea

All Fluids MUST be Drained!

We Do NOT Take
Green Waste Batteries Freezers Paints
Household Garbage Lightbulbs Railroad Ties Oils
eWaste Fridges Telephone Poles Haz Mat


If you are dropping off a metal trailer, the tires must be removed and taken with you. We do NOT accept tires under any circumstances!

Materials For Sale
Road Base - 3/4" $12 /ton
Road Base - 1-1/2" $11 /ton
Quarry Rock - 3/4" $28 /ton
Quarry Rock - 1-1/2" $25 /ton
There is a $20 load fee for any purchase under 4 tons.
Road Base (5 gallon bucket) $3 /ea
Quarry Rock (5 gallon bucke) $5 /ea
Customer is responsile to load into buckets themselves.
Sand $20 /ton
Cinder Blocks $2 /ea
Pier Blocks $1 /ea
Bump Stops $10 /ea
Brick $.50 /ea
Brick (Pallet QTY - 400) $200 /ea
Dumpster Rental
20 Yard Dumpster (First 4,000 pounds included) $590
Additional charges of $160/ton, $20 / additional day.
40 Yard Dumpster (First 8,000 pounds included) $990
Additional charges of $160/ton, $40 / additional day.
Eureka - Blue Lake - Trinidad Further Outside Range
+ $130 Additional + $130 /hr Additional Travel

1 Full Day

You get the dumpster one full day.
Drop off day & pick up day do NOT count.
i.e. if dumpster is dropped off Monday,
a Wednesday pick up is considered 1 day.

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